Paint Protection Film

paint protection film

Protect your investment. Rock chips devalue your car and degrade its appearance. Keep your cars looking like new with our virtually invisible yet durable paint protection film from SunTek. Our chip guard is computer-cut right here in our store to custom fit each vehicle.

paint protection film from suntek

Price range: approx. $30 – $1000

We offer many different types of  PPF packages to suit your paint protection needs and price range. Not only can we install paint protection film on the front end of vehicles, but we also install on headlights, fog lights, and we even have a smoked option for tail lights. We call it “Chip Guard.”

taking care of your film

  • DO NOT wash your vehicle for 7 days after having your chip guard installed (this ensures the product's adhesive has plenty of time to get a tight bond).
  • We highly recommend hand washing your vehicle.
  • DO NOT go through the automatic car washes, it can damage the chip guard and your paint!
  • Please make sure to take EXTRA CAUTION when washing and especially when PRESSURE WASHING your vehicle. Be sure to keep the stream of water at a 90° angle to the film, so you do not catch an edge. Catching an edge of the film with the pressure washer can blow dirt and water underneath, which then seals back up can appear dirty.
  • Always stay back at least 1½ feet with the pressure washer. Getting too close to the film with a pressure washer can tear a hole in the product.

  • Our Warranty covers product manufacturer & installation defects.
  • Our Warranty does not cover any type of pressure washing incidents.
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