Ceramic Coating

Our Ceramic Coating, developed by Wizards, is extremely durable and weather resistant. It protects paint from scratching, marring and road salt. We can supply the kit for you or we can install here in shop.

Nano 9H+ Ceramic from Wizards

Price range: $285 – 800

Installed in two layers, Nano Ceramic 9H+ adds new additional layers over your clear for an ultimate barrier. This high gloss hydrophobic barrier repels water, dirt and chemicals to make washing and maintenance much easier while preserving and extending the life of your paint.

Wizards Nano 9H+ will adhere to any hard surface including single stage paint, all types of clear, plastic and metal moldings. Plus, the new coating can be exposed to rain or water after 12 hours and will fully cure in 8 days. It provides protection for 3 years, but may be prolonged by applying Wizards Ceramic Boost after every wash or between washes.

This high quality coating has an ease of application use that any car enthusiast can install safely.

  • 4 oz. Precoat Cleaner
  • 4 Edgeless Microfiber Cloths
  • Applicator Pads
  • 50 ml of  Paint Nano Ceramic 9H+ Coating
  • 8 oz Ceramic Boost
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Instruction Sheet

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